About us

Shannondale is a Mission project of the Missouri Mid-South Conference UCC serving the spiritual, educational and economic needs of Shannon and surrounding counties.

Shannondale Community Center was founded by Reverend Paul A. Wobus.


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Shannondale Covenanted Ministry Notes

Arrangements for visits, tours and retreats can be made by contacting Shannondale at 314-918-2602 or 573-858-3284  or shannondale@mmsucc.org

Shannondale includes:

  • The Froeschner Community Center, where we host gatherings

  • The Wobus Craft Center, an outlet for local artisans to supplement their incomes

  • The Bucher Memorial Tree Farm, the oldest continuously operating tree farm in the state

  • Lodging arrangements for families and groups on service projects, work camps or retreats

  • Shannondale UCC

  • Outdoor programs like Canoe Camp, Kayak Camp, the annual men’s fellowship retreat

  • Retreat space for church groups

  • The Timber Time program